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March 31, 2008


That is so neat! I never new how tall a saguaro got until now, and it's mind blowing! I thought they were more 6 feet tall, not forty! Absolutely crazy, absolutely beautiful.
i love cacti acupuncture!
Oh my goodness... I'd love to cover that in doilies!
the saguaro cactus are so cool looking.they look so big and tall.
the saguaro cactus is very cool and i never knew that it can be that tall
Tom Daniels
Beautiful pictures! The typical age/height relationship charts for C. gigantia are sometimes misleading. In cultivation, (i.e. Fertilized and watered by an experienced grower) a Saguaro will easily grow 8" to 12" a year and flower around the 15 year mark. For example, I have a 9 foot tall specimen in my front yard that was only 8 inches tall 12 years ago. --- Thanks for the info. I love saguaro!! Deb
Beautiful: until I saw the high desert the first time in my late adolescence, I would never have believed it could be so beautiful.

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