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August 09, 2006


AGREE, AGREE, AGREE...why people are paranoid..I believe that is just an unlying fear of unknown or the 'take over' factor. I think it's just fabulous that you you began your second language at 53...and THEN all you do 'with it' and the friends and travels. SO inspiring! I am sadden by the thought of how some Americans want to 'kill' the idea or make it seem wrong that people shouldn't speak their native tongue around their family and friends. I didn't realize what is going to be on the ballot in CO (I'm from there but registered voter of FL living in San Diego, CA...(active military)and about to move to CO! I wish I had my vote on this one. No second language in school? you need it in what is the difference all makes no sense. Sorry so long...I suppose it hit a nerve with me..funny there was only one other comment since the date of your posting..hmm?
Fran aka Redondowriter
Ah,another adventure soon underway. You guys love to travel--and you do it! Today's events in London will slow us down some, but probably not all that much.

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