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March 27, 2006


rc helicopter
Impressive blog! -Arron
dats kool
I've only seen two Native dances many year ago: one on a ferry going up to Alaska and one in South Dakota....both would not allow photography. Is that something of the past or depends on region? Deb: PJ, here they are quite agreeable regarding photos of a group of dancers, if it is for private use only. If you are taking a photo of an individual, the polite and proper procedure is to ask. Anyone with a video camera is asked to pay a small fee to get a permit slip to film. They just don't want people making commercial products that might be sold for profit without getting permission. I try not to infringe on their privacy and in all the years we've been going, I've only had one person refuse to have his photo taken.
WHAT A STRIKING PHOTO! you have a terrific blog here =) Namaste, MB
Fran aka Redondowriter
Hey, I'd given up on you--and I delightedly see that you are back in full force. I'll do a catch-up. Love pow-wows!

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