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November 15, 2005


Interesting post... I'm viewing the 'whole' learning experience presently with my kids (4th & gifted 8th)(I'm from the 'rote time') I struggle with this. Let me throw this out there: I believe it takes a very talented teacher to properly teach the 'whole' way..esp. with standardized test pressures and streamlined curriculum! Lack of focus seems to be the results if we are not careful, or should I say, lack of mastery on a particular subject... lack of 'knowing the rules and facts' that produce quality outcomes. College still requires this...workplace still requires this. I fear we will have (and am seeing this in the 20-somethings)- questioning everything, questioning authority, floundering around trying to find their way, bouncing back home, not understanding hard work(and yes..somewhat rote & boring) to get to a goal...because they think they SHOULD be at the top. Too much thinking -not enough knowing the basics. I sound outdated saying all this. Forgive me-I'm making generalities here- I'm just pondering the the 'whole' learning experience. We DO need to question things and absolutely have to be critial thinkers!Balance IS everything! I really enjoyed your post.

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