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October 06, 2005


Sharon Hunting
I have never looked at blogs before but am trilled to find your photos. I too have a beautiful granddaughter. She was 790 gm at birth [1 1/2 lbs] she has been our miracle baby. SHe is now 19 months old. I could not have imagined what joy grandparenting could bring. Just glad there are so many folks who are enjoying this phase of life too. Your grandkids are obviously as preciouos to you as mine is to me. Thanks
Deb, I can only hope you will post your grandkid photos more often. What wonders they are, though that little face of your granddaughter with her twinkling eyes has melted my heart. I hadn't been checking you lately because I though you weren't posting. I'm glad you are back.
Congratulations Debby! Yours grandchildren are lovely!
Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos of your lovely grandchildren.

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