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October 30, 2005


בגדי מעצבים
wow.. amazing!!! It's like pretty good. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful information regarding blue bear.
Loved it! I want one for Chicago.
This is adorable!!! I love it!
Susan Bhat
If you'd like to support the artist you can buy a replica of the Big Blue Bear and some other related things at their website
Early in 2005, prior to attending a retail buyers' show at Denver's Convention Center, I had a dream. In this dream I was attending a large event in a building with lots of glass and chrome. I sat on a wall waiting for my friend to arrive before going in to find our seats. Upon arriving, my friend was not allowed to enter because people were afraid of him. They were afraid because he was not human, but a bear. Back in real life, a few months later, I arrived at the convention center for the retail show and caught my breath at the sight of the Blue Bear, destined to remain on the outside looking in. I am having trouble finding the real title to this work of art, but if memory serves me, it is "Do you see what I mean?"
Wow, this is the coolest building sculpture ever!
What a big bear! Bob standing beside the bear almost disappear, vanish!
When I next visit Denver (haven't been there for ages), I've got to see this bear. He is absolutely wonderful. Now i'm going back to the link to hear his story.

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