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April 15, 2005


Hello Debby! I just discovered your blog and am loving it. I'm having a delicious evening looking everything. Your text is so sensitive and your photos are beautiful. I am sorry you don’t went to São Paulo, when you visit Brazil in July 2004. Maybe some day... I am 62, I am journalist, married, with a daughter (30) and a son (28). I was born and raised in a big city, São Paulo, Brazil. Since 1998 I am living in country, near Avaré. I am living in a joint ownership, wich name is Enseada Azul, (means in English Blue Inlet), surrounded by the Jurumirim 's dam. The dam is very large, very deep and very beautiful! The dam 's area is: 173,359 sq mile; the perimeter is: 799,083 mile and the water's volume is: 7.007,51 hm³. The water is clean and there are no pollution. If you wish to see the place were I am living now, go to: , the Internet page of my husband and my own too, and look about 50 photos shot by him. He is engineer, but he loves photos. Regards! Sonia.
John M
Debby, Thank you for visiting Tesserae and for your very nice comments here on your site. Best, John Machado

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