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April 14, 2005


Hi Deb, I understand and share your dismay. My 17 stepdaughter hasn't exacly said she hates nature but she has mentioned hating so many aspects of it that in essence, she does. She hates the rain, she hates this animal or that, she hates camping, an so on. I would guess your student has a similar problem to my stepdaughter, extreme narcissistic self-servitude. If anything isn't handed on a silver platter or easy to achieve it's contrary to them. Beside the fact that they can't appreciate anything that came before them, they are the beginning of the world which, by the way, revolves around them. I really hate that I have to feel this way about anyone let alone someone I have to cohabitate with but they are what's intolerable about this world!
I didn't think it was possible to hate nature. I am stunned. The more nature the better, as far as I'm concerned! oh, nice site you have here btw, I just found it :-)
John M
You have a very thoughtful blog. I was hoping you could give some comments on the thoughts of my students at Thank you, John
Hate nature? I wonder what she hates about it.
Wow, wonderful photos. It's hard to believe there are people who hate nature. Out of curiosity, what does this woman have a passion for?
I know, Debby. I feel EXACTLY the same way about nature, and I had EXACTLY the same reaction you did when I heard that. I still can't quite believe it, but I also don't think she was fooling us. Seeing your wonderful photos of Capitol Reef, which also happens to be one of MY favorite places in the U.S., makes me want to quit my job and hop into the car tonight, and head over to the canyons.

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