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December 15, 2004


how do u tell if they r ripe? DT's Answer: They are slightly soft to the touch and a little yellowish green but definitely not brown or squishy.
Roy Johnson
Chirimoyas are delicious. I eat them when I visit my home in southern Spain. They're also known as 'apple custard fruits' I believe - presumably because the flesh taste a little like apple, and it has the consistency of a thick custard when the fruit is really ripe.
Now I'm hungry! See what you did? Really, the pictures are great, your husband's ship is absolutely magnificent, and I always love reading your blog. You live such a fascinating life!
I have never tasted chirimoyas, but I'll look for them at Bristol Farms just to try them. Loved Dane's black and white picture he made for you, and congratulations to your husband for finishing his model. Wow. That looks like intricate work requiring great patience.
Oh my, just seeing the photo of the chirimoyas in the Chillan marketplace brings water to both my mouth and my eyes. Chirimoyas are the most wonderful of all the many new foods I tried in Chile. My mind returns there often too. In fact, I'm not sure it's left Chile yet.

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