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December 06, 2003


i took several pictures of the leaf moth yesterday on the leaves of one of our rose bush plants. my wife thought it was a dead leaf and was going to pick it off before it was alive. we live in west virginia 35 miles from pittsburgh.thanks
I agree, your moth looks like an achemon sphinx (also known as achemon hawkmoth). These moths are crepuscular (active at twilight- early evening and early morning). They nectar on phlox, including our native phlox. I have seen them nectaring on Eastern Prairie White Fringed Orchid in Wisconsin. They are very susceptable to pesticide sprays, and their populations in southeastern Wisconsin have declined greatly in the past 30 years. Thanks for the photo- I really enjoyed it. B
Iasked Bill about this moth. He wrote: Without knowing WHERE it was photographed or WHEN, it's a less sure thing (usually it's impossible). I'm almost certain it is an Achemon Sphinx (moth) Eumorpha achemon Go to: Enjoyed reading through your blog and love the picture of Hayden! Ellie

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